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5th Sep, 2007


oh the rebelness of me

hey hey to all the people who DONT read this


i am in chemistry right now. oh for the love of proxy severs.
mysapce and livejournal galore.
only trouble is changing windows every time a teacher walks past.
it probably looks like i have been reading the same paragraph on caffeine for the last half hour.
maybe i should scroll down...

so yeah i am really bored right now.
although taunting toby about his supposed 'relations' (which are really just talking) with the principals daughter, as suggested by kiralee, lab tech extraordinaire.
oh the laughter it creates.

but yeah.

so what is everyone doing.?

i really need to get some friends on this place... just go and add randoms yeah?

anyways... im off to resemble doing work whilst community posting and myspacing.

x :]

7th Aug, 2007


adam anthony froth

oh em geee

just saw some pics on a random persons myspace
of when they went to see RENT the othernight

oh how i SQUEE/FROTH!

adam is just so effing sexy
and anthony is just... well anthony urgh
loves life :]

that is all.


30th Jul, 2007


just here to the left of you.

oh for the love of adam pascal!

seriously love model prisoner, i know i am only... 7 years too late but oh well. 

at least i know who he is and have it unlike some other poor sould who have yet to discover him.

oh hey i saw the episode of grey;s anatomy where its basically the pilot for addison's spinoff
[forgive me if im a bit behind the times but i am from australia]

and i was like 'its taye diggs! wow!'

i was excited

but yeah that is basically my story.

i am going to go to bed and read deathly hallows, cuz i am cool like that

am reading for the second time and then going to start from the begining

shall be great.

x roxanne.

p.s. dan radcliffe is a babe, just had to get that out of the way. oh and adam pascal is just sexy k? deal.

(no subject)

ahhh school.

dont you just love it?

first thing on my 8 o'clock start... Maths C. whose homework i failed to even look at.


good thing my teacher wont care.

anyways my grandmother is currently hassling me to 'get up off the computer and LETS GO'

so i better do that.

man i will be gald when mum gets home... only 6 days.

[she's gone to europe for the first time and that means presents. yay]


well i really hvae to go now.


hope you have more fun than me with my english oral... shiiit


27th Jul, 2007


Writer's Block: Bump In The Night

What are you afraid of?

very irrational fear of spiders. its rather shocking.

although i can stand the little ones, its mainly the huntsmans that have me runnin as far away as possible screaming 'get that bloody spider OUT OF MY ROOM!' to whomever happens to be home. and if its just me then i simply refuse to go d in the room.

ive never actually replied to one of these things... im new to live journal so yeah. 

x roxanne

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